Mary C. Green

Brian Shimansky

Colby Smith - Makeup & Hair

Stylist & Designer - Kristian Loren

Location: Greenwich Hotel, TriBeca 2013

Inspiration: Avedon

Sneak preview from an editorial shoot at the Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa.

Brian Shimansky
Mary Green
Makeup by Colby Smith
Styling by Kristian Loren

Fun fact: the hotel is owned by Robert DeNiro (I die.) and I highly recommend to anyone traveling to the big apple to stay there. One of my best gals at Global Black Book found me a room for the night and I sincerely hope it will not be my last.

Around the corner is Bubby’s - open all night, delicious food, rustic cozy interior, and there’s an analog photo booth underground on the way to the WC.