So by a twist of fate, Glamour magazine published by quote in the June 2014 issue and credited someone else. The woman, Nora, listed owns a company named Erada in Saudi Arabia - understandably, I guess I get the correlation. I don’t whether they have a written confirmation of consent from Nora. Meanwhile, my copyright is pending with the Copyright Office.

While, I wait for them to tell me whether I’ll get the retraction I asked for I have to say thank you to everyone that’s connected to my quote and reaffirmed the goodness that I try to put out there into the world. Wish me luck.



UPDATE: Addendum will be posted in the September issue. Yay! :)

Sometimes you have to do grownup headshots.

Sometimes you have to do grownup headshots.

You guys, I’m in a video.

In case you were curious, I took photos with my amazing crew from the project at Bubby’s. If you don’t follow me yet on Instagram - you really should.

Expanding the ways I express my creativity. Today, chalk. Tomorrow - who knows. :)